About Doc Martin

Doc Martin is a British television series that has become quite popular both in the UK as well as in the United States. In fact, it is so popular that Doc Martin fan sites have popped up across the Internet over the past several years to pay homage to the beloved series.

This site was developed in order to help Americans understand more about the setting of the series, which is called Portwenn on the show. It is known as Port Isaac in real life and is located on the coast of Cornwall in Southwest England. Simply put, we answer your question: Where is Doc Martin Filmed?


Martin Clunes is Doc Martin

To date, the show has released 5 “series” (that’s what a season is called in British TV) with a 6th and likely final series along the way in 2013.

The show first started airing in 2004, with a new series released on average every 2 years. While this may seem odd to American viewers, it is fairly common with British TV, where series generally involve fewer episodes and longer waiting periods between seasons.

What didn’t you know about Doc Martin?

The one thing you likely did not know about Doc Martin is that the character of Doc Martin actually comes from a series of movies in the early 2000′s. In those movies, he plays an obstetrician who moves to Cornwall to escape his life in London.

While some of the details have changed between the original Doc Martin character and the current incarnation, the premise stays the same.